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  • The Department of Defense, Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA in the science and technology and other research and development sector is offering a public funding opportunity titled "DoD Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic, Applied Research Award" and is now available to receive applicants.
  • Interested and eligible applicants and submit their applications by referencing the CFDA number(s): 12.420.
  • This funding opportunity was created on Mar 16, 2020.
  • Applicants must submit their applications by Sep 10, 2020.
  • The number of recipients for this funding is limited to 5 candidate(s).
  • Eligible applicants include: Unrestricted (i.e., open to any type of entity above), subject to any clarification in text field entitled Additional Information on Eligibility.
Apply for W81XWH 20 PRORP ARA
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Apply for W81XWH 20 PRORP ARA


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Funding Number Funding Title
W81XWH 20 PRORP CTA DoD Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic, Clinical Trial Award
DE FOA 0002223 Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) Institutes
HHS 2020 ACL CIP ATTF 0426 Assistive Technology Alternative Financing Program
W81XWH 20 TBDRP CDA DoD Tick-Borne Disease, Career Development Award
W81XWH 20 TBDRP IDA DoD Tick-Borne Disease, Idea Development Award
W81XWH 20 PCRP PRA DoD Prostate Cancer, Physician Research Award
W81XWH 20 PCRP EIRA DoD Prostate Cancer, Early Investigator Research Award
HHS 2020 ACL NIDILRR DPCP 0394 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) Program: Technology for Expressive Communication
G20AS00043 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Rocky Mountain CESU
W81XWH 20 SCIRP TRA DoD Spinal Cord Injury, Translational Research Award
W81XWH 20 SCIRP IIRA DoD Spinal Cord Injury, Investigator- Initiated Research Award
W81XWH 20 SCIRP CTA DoD Spinal Cord Injury, Clinical Trial Award
NIJ 2020 17293 Research and Evaluation for the Testing and Interpretation of Physical Evidence in Publicly Funded Forensic Laboratories, Fiscal Year 2020
NIJ 2020 17294 Research and Development in Forensic Science for Criminal Justice Purposes, Fiscal Year 2020
FOA AFRL AFOSR 2020 0003 Air Force Fiscal Year 2021 Young Investigator Research Program (YIP)
NNH20ZDA001N OBB ROSES 2020: Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry
W81XWH 20 LCRP CTRPA DoD Lung Cancer, Clinical Translational Research Partnership Award
W81XWH 20 LCRP CDA DoD Lung Cancer, Career Development Award
HHS 2020 ACL NIDILRR RTHF 0389 Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Health and Function of People with Psychiatric Disabilities
W81XWH 20 PRCRP VCCDA DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research, Virtual Cancer Center Director Award


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